What we do

Ecosphere+ works with companies to create innovative, business-focused solutions using its forest-based carbon credits to attain a number of climate and sustainability outcomes. We partner with both large corporations and SMEs to:

  • Manage climate risk

  • Achieve corporate climate & sustainability targets

  • Engage and empower customers through inspiring campaigns & partnerships

  • Achieve deforestation-free supply chains and source sustainable commodities

  • Embed positive impact into their business models

  • Access to our award-winning portfolio of forest-conservation projects

  • Launch new climate positive products and services

  • Innovative ways to incorporate carbon pricing at the point of sale in retail

  • Join business coalitions that build momentum through combined climate action

  • Show measurable progress against the SDGs

  • Invest in landscapes using structures such as ECO-PPAs and through insetting

  • Screening and sourcing of carbon credits globally

Why work with us

  • Measurable impact
  • The highest performance and governance standards
  • AAA credit rating, as part of the Althelia Climate Fund, and we can offer a range of commercial deal structures
  • A highly-experienced team with a corporate background
  • Direct access to our award-winning projects
  • Analytics and marketing support at no cost
  • Innovative ways to make our clients’ products and services climate positive
  • A proudly certified B Corp, demonstrating how business can be a force for good

The case for forests

Natural solutions to reducing net carbon emissions are recognised by scientists as one of the most powerful and immediate ways to tackle climate change and meet the Paris Agreement reduction goals and are essential alongside the shift to low-carbon energy sources to keeping emissions within the necessary carbon budget.  Forest conservation is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce emissions and through the chain reaction of positive and measurable economic, social and environmental benefits these forest-based investments bring to communities on the ground, companies using our solutions to mitigate their carbon emissions and align their business plans with the Paris Agreement are also able to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other positive impact targets.

Click here for more information on our portfolio of projects that protect and enhance tropical forests and critical natural ecosystems around the world.


Deforestation-free supply chains & insetting

Responsible sourcing strategies incorporating forest protection, community engagement and long-term resilience

Sourcing & supply of carbon credits

Supplying forest carbon credits from Peru, Guatemala and Indonesia and sourcing credits globally

Corporate climate targets

Incorporating land-use and forestry mitigation measures into corporate climate targets and investor disclosures

Carbon pricing at the point of sale

Using microtransactions to enable retailers and consumers to take action on climate change

Climate positive products

Helping to embed positive environmental and social impact into companies’ products and services

Building coalitions

Helping to deliver cost-effective lower net-emissions trajectories, collectively manage risks and amplify impact


Innovative structures that invest in landscapes

Airlines & CORSIA

Solutions and partnerships for the aviation industry addressing the carbon offsetting and reduction scheme

Sourcing sustainable commodities

Preferential sourcing of sustainable commodities such as coffee, cocoa and spices from within REDD+ projects and jurisdictions

Sustainable Development Goals

Financing forest protection can be used as a strategic approach to addressing all of the SDGs

Small & medium-sized businesses

Helping to deliver carbon neutral or even climate positive operations, products or services for your business